What is about all this
vanity bustle hurry-scurry stir tumult coil

I would persuade you in anything if there was anything to persuade you into.
Best things are the simpliest.
Best mysteries await around the corner.
Best skills are the basics learned well.
Best perception is the one you develop after you wipe off your thoughts about what and how you should percept atm.
What does the knowledge mean if you are not going to change your life?
Why gaining knowledge over the internet so desperately, then?
What did you want to know, being able to wander this far from the initial point? I have a lot. I won't say. It's all pointless.
It's all pointless until you just consume. Like the road that brought you here, all the best things start with a first step. Nothing can be explained about what you'll feel like, until you try it yourself.

Many, many judgements people say against the ways of life they've never been mindful enough to try. Faithfulness and friendship, love and toughness, they all have lost their meanings, these words, because not many were around to experience them.

We've lost simple things yet are looking for complicated and high knowledge.

What a twisted type of creature!